Holyspa.com is founded in 2007 to serve the people Astrologically Worldwide.We offer Horoscope Birth Chart Reading & Analysis and suggest various remedial measures like Vedic Puja & Homam,Gemstone Advice & Recommendation,Talisman,Amulets,Yantra,Mantra and Tantra etc.
We at Holyspa provides spiritual assistance to help you in your life facing various problems. We first diagnose the problems on the basis of Astrology by reading Birth Chart and Palm Lines and then suggest reasons and remedies,  which may be in the form of Gemstones, Pujas & Homam, Fast, Yagna, Talisman, Mantra Jaap or Tantric Rituals or Good Luck Charms or Talisman Amulets. We have Worldwide customers in all parts of the Globe.



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Pūjā is a prayer ritual performed by us to host, honor and worship one or more deities to avoid the malefic effects.The word pūjā  comes from Sanskrit and means reverence, honor, homage, adoration, and worship



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Occult or Tantra, like the Vedas, are collections of verses suggesting elaborate directions for the right way to worship. They are generally esoteric, mystical teachings addressed to the sadhakas.They are used for various rituals.

Our Services

Vedic Astrology

Jyotisha from Sanskrit jyotiṣa, from jyótis- "light, heavenly body" is the traditionally known as Vedic Astrology.

Pure Gemstones

We offer Astrological Quality Certified Gemstones as per the astrological needs of the person. They are pure.

Yantra & Occult

Yantra, Mantra and Tantra are three  terms of our mythology which helps the person in troubles and empower him.

Remedies & Solutions

The Nine Planets of Vedic Astrology or Jyotiṣa are the forces that capture or eclipse the mind and the decision making.

Puja & Homam

A Homa or Homam ritual is known by alternate names, such as yajna which sometimes means larger public fire rituals.

Paranormal Protection

Magic is sometimes practiced in isolation and secrecy and often viewed with skepticism and suspicion.

Sacred Gifts

Gomati Chakra

Gomati Chakra

Gomati Chakra is a rare Puja item.

Kusha Grass


Kusha is used as a ritual item.

Durva Grass


Dhurba is also a Sacred Item.

Bodhi Leaf

Bodhi Leaf

The Bodhi leaf is symbolic of "awake-ness" .


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Our Talisman, Amulet and Good Luck Charms are energised with powerful mantras during the auspicious days. Talisman is to be placed at a specific place in your home or work place, instructions will be sent. Talismans are advanced writings and calculations that attract the infinite divine forces. The use of Talismans is to wear or keep them and attract the divine resulting in the fulfillment of desires. We offer Talisman for Attracting Money, Protection Talisman, Talisman for Good Luck, Talisman for Black Magic or Voodoo Protection, Talisman for Love to name a few.. We have worldwide customers in all parts of the Globe.

Moti Mala


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Online Store for Powerful Talisman for Money,Strong Talisman for Lottery,Amulet Talisman for Protection,Amulet for Black Magic Protection,Magical Gemstone Rings,Online Puja Items,Our Talisman & Amulets are blessed and energised by Vedic Mantras to have the desired effects.Complete wearing procedure with instructions are also sent.Our speciality is Customized Talisman & Amulets.


Japa mala

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A Japa Mala is a string of Prayer Beads commonly used by Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and by many others to recite or chant Mantras. Mantras are typically repeated hundreds eight times.Online Store for Japa Mala of Genuine Rudraksha, Haldi, Chandan, Wood and of Gemstones.We also offer very rare Genuine One Mukhi Round Shape Rudraksha from Nepal and all other types of Rudraksha upto 21 Mukhi

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